Umixx App Reviews

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Blown away

This app is revolutionary for my everyday music enjoyment. It has made music exciting again. Thank you.

This is a hidden gem!

This is my go to software for cocktail hour or whenever critical mixing is not needed. Every DJ should have this app in their toolkit. It’s also a pretty good backup when your main rig is having issues.

The Good and the Bad

This app is amazing. You'd swear there was a DJ mixing. iTunes cross fade was good in its day but I've never seen anything as great as this.

Finally! Search Over!

I've been searching for an application of this grandeur for quite some time, ending with my enjoyment of this sleek, professional, and FREE one! Highly recommended for DJs and music enthusiasts alike.


It was really cool and it worked great. If your are looking for dj you should totally get this app. It ran great!

Awesome App

This is the best app ever. Whoever created this app is a genius! Everyone needs to get this app if you enjoy music and want to have a fun party! Get this app!

Great app

Awesome program, but would be much better if the volume would automatically adjust to each song and it also needs a sleep timer so that you can go to sleep while listing to music.

Great App

The variety of features in this app help to make your personal DJ event a success. The easy to adjust playlists and the ability to fade in and out make you sound just like you know what you're doing. Easy to use. Easy to learn. Easy listening.


I finally found a music player that easily crossfades (etc.) music in a playlist. No hassles and pretty easy to get the hang of. Close to perfect.


I had a party the other night and everybody was raving about this app! The musical technology of this app is simply flawless. It perfectly fades and organizes your music like a dj would. Buy this app for your next party, and you're sure to be the talk of the town!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Great app, easy to use

Great app, very easy to use. Can carry my full library and auto-sorts to genre for quick and easy changes of pace at parties/events. Interface makes app quick to learn, takes a lot of difficulty out of managing playlist.

Finally, DJing for the masses!!

This is a killer app!! I'm not a professional DJ and I've been waiting for a simple, easy-to-use DJing app like Umixx. It sorts my music library by genre and when I'm ready to play my music it queues up all of the songs with similiar tempo. You can keep the party bumpin all night or slow it down all with one-touch mixing. A must have app for your next party!!

Love Umixx !!!

This app is awesome. I'm hooked on the one touch mixing. Now I don't have to hire a DJ. It's HOT!!